Euphoria Restorative Peel

At Plastic Surgery Northwest we are introducing a new procedure, a powerful chemical peel we are calling, the Euphoria Peel.

What is the Euphoria Peel?


Our Euphoria Restorative Peel is a powerful standalone procedure that resets your skin to a cellular level. It will dramatically improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, and texture.

This procedure will drastically change the surface of your skin. This deep chemical peel, performed by one of our surgeons will leave your skin looking more vibrant and youthful.

What Should You Expect During the Procedure?


When you come in for your Euphoria peel you will undergo a mild sedation to negate any discomfort during the procedure. The application of the Euphoira Peel will only take about 45 miinutes to complete. You will be sent home wearing a specialized mask that will need to be worn for 24 hours.

Pick up is required after this appointment.

You will be required to come in the following day for a partial peel. This is often performed without sedation as an office visit. During this second visit your mask will be comfortably removed. Then a green bismuth paste will be applied and will have to be worn for 7-12 days.

Your Patient Care Coordinator will confirm this for you. Make sure to follow all their instructions.

How Painful is the Procedure?


It’s our goal to eliminate as much pain as possible during the process. It is common to feel a tingling for the first 2-3 hours after the peel is applied, much like a sunburn. You may also experience tightness as your skin heals in the first few weeks. This is the result of new, refreshed skin cells being produced.


What does recovery look like?

For the first 24 hours after your treatment, you will wear a special mask. During your scheduled visit the next day, the doctor will comfortably remove that mask and apply a green bismuth paste, which will be worn for 7 – 12 days. As new skin grows the mask will shed and is usually completely gone by day 12. Your new skin will appear pink but will eventually fade to your natural skin color.


What Results Can I Expect?

The results of the Euphoria Peel are notably long-term. The new collagen and elasticity created by the peel are abundant and incredibly stable. Studies have shown the effects of the peel on the cells of the skin will go unchanged for decades. The Euphoria Peel is also known to get better with time if coupled with good skincare practices.

The Euphoria Restorative Peel can shed decades of sun damage and aging.

With this innovative non-surgical procedure you will see your skin look and feel healthier than it ever has in years.

See more incredible results in our photo gallery.


peacock feateherWhat would make me a good candidate for the Euphoria Restorative Peel?

   The Euphoria Restorative Peel is a great choice for anyone who is looking to shed years of damage from the sun and aging off their skin.

peacock feateherWhat does downtime look like for this procedure?

   You are looking at about 2 weeks of downtime. This may differ case to case. Be sure to consult with your surgeon to see what is right for you.

peacock feateherCan you combine the Euphoria Restorative Peel with other procedures?

   Yes, you can apply other aesthetic procedures with the Euphoria Restorative Peel. Be sure to consult with your surgeon for a more personalized plan.

peacock feateherAre the Results Permanent?

   With good skincare practice the results from the Euphoria Restorative Peel are long lasting. Studies conducted have shown that the results have gone unchanged for decades.

You can trust Plastic Surgery Northwest for exceptional results. 

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