Breast Reconstructive Procedures

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Plastic Surgery Northwest surgeons offer abdominal-based free flap reconstruction, commonly known as DIEP or free flap surgery. Abdominal Tissue-Autologous uses your own tissue to re-create the breast mound. We are one of a few practices in Washington, Idaho, and Montana to offer this procedure.


Implant Based Reconstruction begins at our Spokane practice with placement of an adjustable tissue expander beneath the skin of the breast. The tissue expander may be placed above (“pre pectoral”) or below (“sub-pectoral”) the pectoralis muscle. Patients typically are discharged home on the day of procedure, even when tissue expanders are placed at the time of mastectomy

Nipple Areola Tattoos

Nipple and Areola Reconstruction procedures can also be performed as followed. Non-surgical areola creation can be performed using a tattoo. Similar to the surgically created areola, a tattooed areola is visually distinct from the surrounding breast skin. A surgical nipple reconstruction (to provide depth) is commonly paired with a tattooed areola to create a final nipple/areola complex reconstruction.


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